With Netflix throttling its bandwidth through Europe in response to Covid-19, it’s pretty safe to say that people are getting into streaming in a big way. If you’re in the middle of rewatch or looking to pick up a new show, there’s no better way to enjoy a show that playing its cardboard counterpart.

So, here are ten of our favorite shows to try and their exceptional companion games.

Archer – Once you go blackmail

A solid re-skin of
Love Letter, Archer – Once you go blackmail swaps out Soldiers and Princes with some of our favorite characters from the series. Bringing the original’s ‘play one, keep one gameplay’ to the danger zone, some new card abilities make this a fantastic accompaniment to a shared viewing of the show, acting as a great filler between episodes. Portable, quick to pick up, and complete with tiny dolphin puppet tokens, this a great shout for gamers on a budget and hair so thick their barber charges them double.

Legend of Korra – Pro Bending Arena

Adapting one of the greatest animated shows of all time, Legend of Korra – Pro Bending Arena puts you in control your own team of element benders. Involving elements of area control, hand management, and deck building – this perfectly replicates the push and pull of the show’s famous MMA inspired Pro Bending matches. Offering a gentle learning curve and surprising depth, IDW have produced an exciting, accessible game that’s perfect for fans of Korra’s journey, young and old.


Perfect for self-isolating fans of the show, Walking Dead: No Sanctuary puts you in the police-issue boots of Rick Grimes and other survivors from early seasons. A co-op survival horror experience, the game’s creators understand that the biggest risk for survivors is infighting – replicating the tension and bickering through the game’s unique leadership mechanic. This asks players to juggle morale, their hand size, achieve unique goals, and maintain the health of your team. Stuffed full of
gorgeous official minis, No Sanctuary is a great long-term game, with many modules letting you replay iconic moments in the series. Except the zombie in the well. We don’t talk about that.


Ok, a bit of sleight of hand for this one. Unmatched is a frictionless skirmish game that the team at SUSD recently
likened to a bucket of popcorn – offering joyous satisfaction at the price of crunchy depth. Essentially a card and movement based game that lets you settle ‘who would win’ battles against the likes of King Arthur, Alice, Bigfoot, and more. The Unmatched team has confirmed that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer pack is in the pipeline, letting you pit everyone’s favorite Chosen One against a squad of vamps, with other series rumored to be in the pipeline. While there may be a wait on this, the Jurassic Park set is a great taster and exceptional value to let you know if you should sink your teeth into it in future.


Our second, and final, re-skin on the list, Game of Thrones – The Iron Throne repurposes the mechanics of Cosmic Encounter to the wacky and phenomenally violent world of Westeros. Each player takes on the role of one of the show’s great houses to vie for power – with each team possessing a unique power that breaks the rules of the game. Bringing the cutthroat politics of the show’s early seasons to life, games quickly lead to bickering, negotiation, and betrayals without the downtime and weighty mechanics
present in other GOT games weighing you down. Elegant, gorgeous, and a lot of fun.


For fans of novel sci-fi, there are few shows more revered that Joss Whedon’s series. Sadly, cancelled in its prime and capped off with a film, your time roaming the ‘verse doesn’t have to end there. Firefly – The Game sees you playing as a band of brigands, smugglers or legitimate traders as you traverse the galaxy – all while dodging rapacious reavers and being crushed under the steel-capped boots of the Alliance. Hugely thematic, if a little overly complex – this is perfect for regular play nights and letting your friends line their pockets with credits. An exceptional piece of design, the game does require significant table space to set out correctly. Thankfully,
we’ve got you covered.


This lesser known, Homeland – The Game, a semi-co-operative masterpiece captures the electricity of the show’s early seasons. Setting you in the shoes of a CIA analyst, you are all tasked with managing your limited resources to bring down terror threats. But one of you isn’t who they seem. Exceptionally challenging, this is a highly replayable brain burner that quickly develops its own unique meta in your group. Requiring deduction and risk management, this captures the beating heart of the show and belongs on the shelf of any fan of the series.


Another lesser-known triumph for GaleForce 9, Sons of Anarchy – Men of Mayhem asks you and your friends to run your own biker gangs…and start squeezing out the competition. Built around cultivating influence, the game centers around area control and using threats, muscle, or violence to remove anyone standing in the way of your ambition. Encouraging merciless plays and featuring distinctly adult themes, this may not be at home at every table. But for fans of the show or those who have ever dreamed of selling meth outside of a gun factory, there truly is nothing better

Battlestar Galactica – The Board Game

Arguably the most thematic game on this list, Battlestar Galactica – The Board Game is a legend for a reason. Tasking you and your friends with protecting the future of humanity, you work together to maintain your people’s hope, food, fuel, and population as Cylons nip at your heels on every frantic leap home to earth. Oh, and at least one of you is a traitor sabotaging you every step of the way. Exceptionally designed and enjoying a number of fantastic expansions, we sadly couldn’t put it at number one due to the games being out of print. Which leaves one inarguable champion-


An astounding accomplishment in 4X design, Star Trek – Ascendency asks you to boldly go across the universe – discovering unknown wonders and terrors as the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empires. Modular and highly replayable, every game feels unique and has enough depth to allow for starship customization, meaningful negotiation, and more. Throw in expansions for the Borg, Ferengi, and the Andorians for some reason and you have 50 plus years of history at your fingertips.

Any board game you think Deserves a place on the triumph ? Comments below !

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