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Top Train Board Games For Everyone

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Nick B
Nick B (@guest_4505)
1 month ago

A great train game for everyone is Railroad Ink! So simple yet so fun

Christina (@guest_4520)
1 month ago

Ticket to Ride is my favourite 🙂

ALKO (@guest_4521)
1 month ago

colt express is nice, but ticket to ride is the way to go 🙂

Rob Bendig
Rob Bendig (@guest_4536)
1 month ago

While similar, I think Age of Steam is better than Railways of the World. I find the Tycoon cards in Railways of the World introduce too much swinginess.

Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker (@guest_4556)
1 month ago

We have Trains and the Rising sun expansion and enjoy playing it occasionally with our group.

Stefan (@guest_4557)
1 month ago

Great list! want to try out Irish Gauge now…

Wayne S
Wayne S (@guest_4558)
1 month ago

Ticket to Ride is the game that introduced me to the board gaming hobby, and now I own almost every version. I need to expand into other train games though!

Kalle D.
Kalle D. (@guest_4568)
1 month ago

I loved “Dampfross” when younger and it’s still popular in Germany. Should be on your list too!  😄 

Bob S
Bob S (@guest_4574)
1 month ago

Trying to win an auction for Colt Express. Here’s to getting it and seeing if it gets played on the table multiple times.

Matthew W.
Matthew W. (@guest_4581)
1 month ago

I really enjoy Irish Gauge and really want to try Chicago Express.

Mitchell (@guest_4626)
24 days ago

I really like the classic “Rail Baron”

Mattias R
Mattias R (@guest_4639)
21 days ago

I’m really keen to try Railways of the World, seems like the perfect complexity to ramp it up a bit from TTR.

Ed (@guest_4651)
18 days ago

Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite board games. Would love to try Rails and Sails.

stefan Pollex
stefan Pollex (@guest_4656)
18 days ago

ticket to ride

Fayf (@guest_4664)
17 days ago

Ticket to ride is at the top of my list!

liefde_is (@guest_4672)
16 days ago

We still love union pacific the most!

Cheryl Ann Bomar
Cheryl Ann Bomar (@guest_4684)
16 days ago

Ticket to ride

Alex C
Alex C (@guest_4715)
14 days ago

these all seem like great fun! Only played ticket to ride!

Minacristal (@guest_4716)
14 days ago

I love colt express, especially with its two extensions, playing the sherif is so much fun!

Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander(@mark-speierme-com) (@mark-speierme-com)
13 days ago

Ticket to Ride

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