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Top Board Games With App Companions

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Martin Ryan Moss
Martin Ryan Moss (@guest_4503)
1 month ago

Love App companions! They help make tabletop games so much more thematic! Love them!

Leon (@guest_4506)
1 month ago

Definitely missing Chronicles of crime here and Destinies, Lucky duck is really into that hybrid boardgame game.

Mallory (@guest_4507)
1 month ago

I think Forgotten Waters’ app really brings the game to life. Sad to see it didn’t make the list.

Brian M. Teater
Brian M. Teater (@guest_4516)
1 month ago

The app companions are a wonderful addition to games and make the experience that much more immersive, in my opinion.

Merel Suijkerbuijk
Merel Suijkerbuijk (@guest_4541)
1 month ago

Totally agree with Leon here 😉 I think Lucky Duck is definitely reinventing the way off using an app with a boardgame!

Betsabe vera
Betsabe vera (@guest_4567)
1 month ago

Can’t wait to try The Lord of the rings!

Joshua Leong
Joshua Leong (@guest_4572)
1 month ago

I will 2nd/3rd Chronicles of Crime and Destinies here from Lucky Duck!

Jason (@guest_4583)
1 month ago

While it might not be as amazing as some other titles, I’ve personally enjoyed the Clank app solo game experience.

Tigre (@guest_4642)
27 days ago

I think for the Mansion of madness is important that there is a big international community who works on free “episode” made by fan.

Brian (@guest_4652)
25 days ago

Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed

Timothy William Xavier Frost
Timothy William Xavier Frost (@guest_4653)
25 days ago

Space Alert is so much fun. Crazy hard, but too funny.

Praise_Ra (@guest_4658)
24 days ago

I’ve bought Lord of the rings and all its expansions. It’s an amazing game. This was a good read though as I wanted to try some more! I might pick up the X-com one. I was seriously addicted to that game!

Deneh (@guest_4666)
24 days ago

Call me ignorant, but for some reason I had no idea about app companion games. Of course it seems so obvious now.

lennert fierens
lennert fierens (@guest_4671)
23 days ago

wow, really need to try this out!

Mark (@guest_4721)
21 days ago

Good list. Journeys in middle earth is my favorite one of those, app works really well.

K Jones
K Jones (@guest_4744)
20 days ago

Some of the new Unlock games that have AR through the companion app are really cool!

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