2nd Annual Rathskellers Mega Sweepstake !

2nd Annual Rathskellers Mega Sweepstake !
December 4, 2016 Rathskellers
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THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TRUST AND SUPPORT ! THE 2ND ANNUAL SWEEPSTAKE HAS ENDED ! Winners will be picked randomly using gleam’s lottery and after we validate the winning entries winners will be announced in the widget.

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We received lots of messages asking to extend our Annual Giveaway. Many of you didn’t have the chance of participating because of the Holiday Season. Here you go : The Giveaway is extended for 5 more days ! Hurry !! This is the chance to win our amazing prizes !

Announcing the 2nd Mega Rathskellers Sweepstake!

Rathskellers, crafters of artisanal gaming tables for Europe and beyond, are happy to announce the 2nd Mega Rathskellers Sweepstake! We know you love games as much as we do, so as our holiday gift to you, we are giving away fabulous gaming prizes to three lucky winners and gift cards to buy your favorite board games and a gaming table! The Rathskellers Mega Sweepstake is partnering with GameRules to bring you this opportunity to win board games, gaming accessories, and gift cards to get you started on your very own Rathskellers gaming table, all for a Prize pool worth over 3000€!

Each prize bundle contains one Rat Trap Dice Tower from Rathskellers, a gift card to use towards a Rathskellers gaming table, a gift card to purchase your favorite games from Gamerules and a set of games from an incredible variety of genres and play styles to satisfy everyone in your gaming group – board games, card games, dice games, family games, Euro games, deckbuilders, and party games! Enter now for your chance to win!

Last year, on our 1st Mega Sweepstake, it came to our attention that some users try to cheat by using multiple accounts / bots / or by providing false information (for example blog posts to get the 30 entry points with generic links or empty fields). Gleam System (the service provider of the sweepstake) automatically invalidates these false entries with a special algorithm. We know it is a great sweepstake and many users want to Enter as many times as possible but to ensure the Rathskellers sweepstake remains fair for our friends across the globe we are going to remove these invalid entries when we notice bad behaviour and continuous attempts to manipulate the Contest. The more times you enter, the better your odds that is why we have actions that gives you X ammount of entries daily. To all those cheaters out there, if you continue you’ll be disqualified. It’s as simple as that.



  1. 500€ Gift Card Valid For Any Rathskellers Table
  2. The Rat Trap Dice Tower
  3. 50€ Gift Card from Gamerules
  4. Board Games : Bundle A, B or C


  1. 300€ Gift Card Valid For Any Rathskellers Table
  2. The Rat Trap Dice Tower
  3. 40€ Gift Card from Gamerules
  4. Board Games : Bundle A, B or C


  1. 200€ Gift Card Valid For Any Rathskellers Table
  2. The Rat Trap Dice Tower
  3. 30€ Gift Card from Gamerules
  4. Board Games : Bundle A, B or C

To enter:

This contest uses Gleam to gather entries, so all you have to do to participate is interact with Rathskellers and Game Rules on our websites or on social media! Just register with Gleam using email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and then follow the links to all the ways you can enter. You can engage with us in whatever ways you like, but remember that the more you participate the better your chances! Winners are automatically chosen at random from all entries gathered through Gleam.

The contest will be running from the 19th of December to the 31st of January, so don’t worry if you are spending some of the holiday season away from the internet. You’ll still have plenty of time to enter!

Please note:

Shipping is free inside the European Union only. US and Non-EU participants are welcome. however, due to the heavy weight of the board game bundles, winners outside of the european union must provide the cost of their own shipping for the board games. Gift cards and the rat trap dice tower prizes will be shipped worldwide for no additional cost. Alternatively to streamline the process if the winner can’t provide or cover the shipping cost of the board game bundle we will offer a 100 euros giftcard to order games from gamerules eshop.

Gift card prizes may be freely given or transferred but may not be exchanged for cash. Gamerules Gift Cards are valid for all the products of the eshop and for orders over 100 euros. Rathskellers Gift cards are valid for use only on the purchase of a Rathskellers gaming table.


And if you are still looking for a classy stocking stuffer, use discount code : HAPPY2017 to get 20% off the Rathskellers Rat Trap Dice Tower! 

Coupon expiry date : 2016-Jan-30

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    Damn those rewards seem like a proper haul 😮 Good luck for all!

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    Amazing giveaway and awesome tables! Keep up the good work!! 😀

  6. Justin French 9 months ago

    Quite tempted to get a couple of tables for our office gaming sessions.

  7. George T. 9 months ago

    Good luck all and a happy new year !!!

  8. malandro 9 months ago

    Awsome tables!

  9. Jashfer 9 months ago

    Really awesome job !

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    Happy New Year!

  15. Lluis Fontanella Borras 9 months ago

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    This is awesome! Thanks!

  17. John Kyriakou 9 months ago

    Also T.I.M.E Stories definitely the best thematic board game ever!!!

  18. John Kyriakou 9 months ago

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!!! Those tables are really really awesome!!! roud to be greek <3

  19. António Morais 9 months ago

    Good Luck and have fun playing!

  20. Aristeidis Tsironidis 9 months ago

    thanks guys for those gifts

  21. verytom89 9 months ago

    fingers crossed!

  22. zyphon400 9 months ago

    I will buy one of your tables soon 😉

  23. Good luck everyone!

  24. Nikos Vakondios 9 months ago

    Thanks for the sweep tale, that is becoming holiday tradition

  25. Alexandra Gavri 9 months ago

    Thank you for this amazing contest…Merry Christmas!!!!

  26. mtlowlbear 9 months ago

    Good luck everyone and happy holidays!

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    This is pretty exciting.

  30. willds_i_am 9 months ago

    Love Mansions of Madness!

  31. Scotty B 9 months ago

    Would love to see an affordable game table, spill proof top for eating. Fits 6 people. Sturdy. Great material for gaming is a top concern. Plus some fun accessories (Card holder optional, drink holder). Comes in black (or brown-black like IKEA expedit shelves)

  32. Efi Alexopoulou 9 months ago

    Great tables in high quality!!!

  33. John Paleologos 9 months ago

    I just found you out, and I’m in SHOCK! (a good kind of shock, mind you). So happy to see such excellent tables for gaming, and from a Greek company! Awesome!

  34. good luck

  35. Matthew 9 months ago

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I hope I win!

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    Great job guys

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    Looking forward this campaign!

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    Top notch gaming tables.

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    Thanks for the great contest! Good luck to everyone.

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    Gd luck to all.!

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    Good luck to everyone and merry Chrismas

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    I would love to own a gorgeous table but I’m afraid my addiction to buying new games trumps my budget to saving for the table.

  46. yzysg 10 months ago

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Such a cool contest. Thanks guys!

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    Thanx for the Giveaway!

  50. bill 10 months ago

    merry crit miss 🙂

  51. nick 10 months ago

    best wishes to you (and luck to me)

  52. zaoar 10 months ago

    very nice… giftsssssssssss.

  53. Manolis Kountourakis 10 months ago

    Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas!

  54. David Carapinha 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway! Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

  55. George 10 months ago

    More Happiness,More Joy,More Games to everybody.

  56. Hokam 10 months ago

    Merry Christmas

  57. Scotty B 10 months ago

    Thanks for contest. Hope the kickstarter turns out great

  58. Ben 10 months ago

    This is an amazing prize package!

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    Good luck everyone, may we all have great holidays!

  60. Good luck everyone. Hope I win!

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    Merry Xmas guys!

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    great giveaway

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    I can’t believe how quickly I’ve fallen in love with your products! If only I had more money I would buy a table in an instant!

    Good luck everyone!

  64. Sparks 10 months ago

    Looking forward to some great holiday gaming. I think we’ll have an old poker table to play on. Would be great to have a dedicated gaming table.

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  76. T. 10 months ago

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    Great contest!

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    What a great move!!!! I wish you Happy Holidays!!!

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    Thanks for the contest, good luck everyone! Thanks for spreading the overwhelming generosity of the gaming community.

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    Great to see this is an annual opportunity to win one of the beautiful tables and more. Thanks!

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    As one of the previous Rathskellers sweepstake winners I want to wish everyone good luck on this one and congratulate the Rathskellers for making gamers happy!

  113. Anna Spanou 10 months ago

    Merry Christmas to all may the new year give great inspiration to all of us

  114. Christos Korfiatis 10 months ago

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  115. LEOPARDI NIKOLAOS 10 months ago

    FIrst comment! Yuhuuuu! Gl Hf everyone. merry Christmas

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