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February 2020

How Board Games Can Change Your Social Life


A​t Rathskellers Gaming Labs, we believe that time spent around a table with friends is time well spent. And we don't think that just because we make awesome board gaming tables, though it does help! We know first-hand how board games can change your social life for the better. Board gaming is a social activity, after all. But just knowing that gaming can have a positive impact on social lives wasn't enough for us. We wanted to explore what it is about board gaming that makes it one of the best hobbies for connecting with people in meaningful ways. Board Games M​ake You Have a Social Life For some people, getting out of the house [read more]

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January 2020

Top 10 Board Games Celebrating Egyptian Civilization


Rathskellers Gaming Labs is taking another look at games that celebrate the history of civilizations. This time we’re naming the top 10 games with an Egyptian theme! You’ll see that a lot of the highly-rated games let you build some of the iconic monuments ancient Egyptians constructed to honor their gods. If civ building is your thing, there are plenty of options here as well. And then there’s our first entry, which is just plain silly. Let’s get started! C​AMEL UP (SECOND EDITION)   While never explicitly stated on any materials in the game, let's assume C​amel Up takes place in Egypt since you're betting on camels racing around [read more]

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Top 10 Board Games for 6+ Players


When you bring a group of people together for a game, making sure that everyone has a good time isn’t as easy as you might think. You’ve got lots of personalities and tastes to cater to. To help you decide on a game that’s perfect for your next large gathering, we’ve identified ten solid options that you can’t go wrong with. Top 10 Board Games for 6+ Players ? No problem since we've got you covered ! 10. T​elestrations I​t's the oldest game on the list, which is a testament to its staying power. Telestrations is what you get when you mix the game of telephone with Pictionary, except this is so much [read more]

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Top 10 Board Games for Family Fun


In this board game renaissance that we live in, there's no shortage of awesome games to play as a family. We could make a top 50 list and we'd still be leaving out some amazing titles. But if your family is as busy as ours are, you definitely don't have time to play 50 games. T​o help you narrow down your choices for the next family game night, we've picked 10 options that will have you laughing, cooperating, and asking yourselves, "What on earth just happened???" 10. Meeple Circus Before families fell in love with The Greatest Showman movie starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, Meeple Circus showed up [read more]

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Celebrating Greece : Top 10 Board Games with an Ancient Greek Theme


Real and fictitious Greek history has been a source of inspiration for popular modern entertainment for decades. From the highly successful '300' movie and graphic novel, to the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' novel series, it's obvious Greek history has influenced so much of the content we consume every day. As proud Greeks, geeks, and board gamers, we at R​athskellers Gaming Labs wanted to look into the board games that celebrate Greek civilization through the ages! We came away with a list of the 10 best Greek-themed board games you should check out to get a taste of our country's rich history. 1​0. Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars B​efore getting [read more]

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2020 – Top 10 Board Games You Should Have Bought in 2019


It’s that special time of year again, 2020 is a reality. A bazillion board game content creators flood your social media feeds with all sorts of “Top 10 Board Games of 2019” lists. Surely you’ve come across lists like “Top 10 Two-Player Games” or “Top 10 Family Games.” For some, the end of 2019 is an opportunity for the “Top 10 Games of the Decade” lists. If you like those, you’re in luck! Since some creators argue that the new decade doesn’t begin until 2021, you’ll get another round of decade lists next year! We wanted to take a different approach to Top 10 Lists. While most lists are representative of an individual’s tastes, we’ve picked 10 [read more]

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December 2019

Top 10 Games and Their Accompanying Spirits


The Phalanx gaming table in action with some good old and refined glass of Whiskey Photo Credit : The League of Adventurous Gentlemen If you’re like us - a true or wannabe gamer, your number of board game plays dramatically increases around the holidays taking advantage of all the gatherings of family and friends to break out as many board games as you can! These get-togethers are pretty casual and don’t always include board game fanatics. That means we usually end up playing lighter, gateway style games. One of the ways to entice people to play is to choose games with themes you know they will like. My oldest sister Emilie loves camping and hiking, [read more]

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