GET 20% OFF ! Limited Time : GenCon – Essen Spiel, Pax Unplugged !

GET 20% OFF ! Limited Time : GenCon – Essen Spiel, Pax Unplugged !
April 17, 2018 Rathskellers
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The Sun is starting to shine here in Greece. We’ve successfully moved into our new Workshop and once again this year we plan to meet amazing people from all across the Globe, showcase our gaming tables and try new games in various Gaming Conventions.

As you may already know, we do not offer Discounts in General but during the Show dates, we give our booth visitors the option to grab one of our Demo tables with 20% Discount. Up until now, all the Convention tables were crafted depending on each of the show’s needs with a first come – first served model.

Starting from GenCon 2018 you can reserve a table and have it crafted with the specifications you desire (stain, wood, accessories).

So if you want to grab a table with 20% Discount, you are located close to the following Conventions Areas (Max Distance 200km) and you plan on visiting :

  1. Gen Con (August 02-05)
  2. Essen Spiel (October 25-28)
  3. Pax Unplugged (November 30- December 02)

Feel Free to get in touch with us, so we can plan ahead !

Bookings for Demo Tables are Limited (1 Councilor, 1 Phalanx, 1 Garrison, 1 Hive) and Deposit needs to be made before 29th of April to secure a place in the queue.

Greetings from Greece,

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