Frequently Asked Questions

Current Lead Times : The Councilor : 5-7 months The Phalanx : 6-8 months The Hive : 6-9 months The Garrison : 4-6 months

How much Assembly Required?

All our tables are shipped with the legs detached inside a separate package. You will be required to put each bolt inside each leg to securely lock it, and that’s all. We worked to make the directions simple and easy to follow. The whole process should take less than ten minutes, a setup time that will barely be noticed by the average Arkham Horror player. And the bolts are reinforced so your table will remain stable even if Yog-Sothoth awakens.

Where are you Located?

Greece. Our tables and their makers are soaked in sunshine for extra happiness.

Why don't you ship to my country?

We have located the 2:1 wood port. At this time we mostly ship to the European Union and the USA, but we can ship anywhere Worldwide. We are working to find cost-effective ways to ship to Asia and Russia. Please contact us for more information about shipping costs to your country.

Please note that for customers outside the EU we do not charge Vat since it is counted as an export shipment.

What methods of payment are accepted?


Thanks for asking! We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and wire transfer from Customers Worldwide.

Do I have to pay the whole amount right away?

Initially, you will only have to worry about the deposit amount required for your table. The deposit is important because it secures your place in the queue. Because we offer so many customization options the deposit is how you let us know you want to buy one of our tables. You will receive a receipt immediately. Your personal Customer Service representative will then contact you (normally within one or two days) to start discussing the options and features you want us to incorporate into your table. The representative will also arrange for you to pay the remaining balance at a later date.

How much is shipping?

We’ve tried hard to keep the shipping costs down. We always try to combine orders together and divide the delivery cost between our customers to keep your total as low as possible. So for example if we have two tables bound for Belgium and one for Germany we will ship these orders together to take advantage of bulk discounts. (Players of Eurorails will understand how this works.) We tend to ship our tables every 2-3 months.

Update : We now offer 2 types of shipping methods

  1. Normal (via FedEx/TNT – Road Cargo & Air combination)
  2. Express Premier (Via DHL Express Worldwide – Air)

European Union :
Normal: 280 -550 € (9-16 days in transit)
Express Premier : 470 – 750 € (1-3 days in transit)

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK

Europe – Non Members Of the European Union :
Normal: 480 -730 € (9-16 days in transit)
Express Premier : 590 – 880 € (1-3 days in transit)

USA & Canada:
Normal: 550 -1050 € (11-18 days in transit)
Express Premier : 690- 1300 € (2-6 days in transit)

Asia – Middle East :

Normal: 590 -1150 € (11-18 days in transit)
Express Premier : 790 – 1550 € (2-6 days in transit)

Rest of The World : 1100 euros +

Please note that for customers outside the EU we do not charge Vat since it is counted as an export shipment.

What type of Wood you use?

Our tables are made using the highest quality european oak.

We have a Unique Process where we combine 0.3 mm veneer with solid oak boards so your Brand New Rathskellers Table will get its rustic character from the attractive veneers such as Oak Antique, Rustic Oak or Knotty Oak.

Most parts of your table will be made from solid wood (hardwood). This includes the structure, legs, and leaves. In some areas with large spans we use the finest air-craft graded plywood, but only where the consistency and resistance of plywood make it a more appropriate choice. We never use MDF, composite materials, or veneers made from paper.

How much will it cost?

We offer a detailed pricing guide on our tables pages. Start with a base price and then add in whatever options you like to determine your total.

The base Price includes :

  1. Choice of size
  2. Choice of wood
  3. Board Gaming System Vault
    – Hardwood Leaves
    – 6 / 8 cm Depth
    – Transparent Acrylic Layer
    – White / Wooden Game System Vault
    – Aluminum Rail System
    – Suction Cup
  4. Choice of height ( 75 – 85 cm)

We Offer the Following Extras :

  1. Led Lighting
  2. Bluetooth Music Sound System
  3. Cup Holders
  4. Dice Towers
  5. Wine Glass Holders
  6. Bins
  7. Card Holders

Can I return or exchange items if I change my mind?

The short answer is no. Your Deposit can be transfered (different product, different order) but is not refundable. Due to the customization process and high shipping costs, please make sure you are 100% decided on purchasing one of our tables before proceeding with the deposit. Feel free to contact us with any questions before making this commitment. We cannot offer you a refund. However, we guarantee our quality and will work with you to replace any parts that are causing you trouble. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Why does it take so long?

We handcraft everything with care and precision. We will not sacrifice quality for speed.

Taxes VAT / IVA / MwSt / TVA

VAT is not included in prices displayed on Rathskellers website. When applicable, VAT is charged separately and will be itemized on invoices and billing information.

As a Special Thank you if the VAT in your Country is Lower or higher that it is Currently in Greece we will cover the % Difference.

If you are a Business or a Distributor then Vat inside the EU for B2B transactions is 0%.

For Customers outside the EU no VAT will be charged.

More F.A.Q's

A Selection of Questions from our Customers to help you out.

What is the benefit of the 0.3 mm veneer surface as opposed to utilizing solid wood only?

Wood has a tendency to bend over time and its curvature can be affected by many things including: different climates, changes in humidity, and treatment techniques. Over time, a force applied on a solid wood plank will lead to a curved (banana shaped) plank. Wood veneer, which consists of thin sheets of real solid wood that look even better than the real wood because they are carefully selected, creates a far more durable surface with better consistency when applied properly. Our unique process uses two 0.3mm wood veneer layers glued above and below the solid wood planks by applying opposite strength forces to create a new 3 layered surface. We do not use paper or chemical veneers, only the highest grade solid wood veneers.

Please note: This is an extra we are providing. Your table is made from Hardwood, we just apply Wood Veneers on top of the solid wood for durability, strength and better looks. You just have to not believe the hype and trust our 50 years of expertise I suppose  (p.s. although the website is in Greek, you can get an idea of our 50 years of experience by viewing our furniture company’s website at:

What technique is used to combine the solid pieces of wood used for the table?

All of your table’s Solid Wood is manufactured with the finger joint technique. This ensures even better strength and durability vs a plain solid wood plank. Solid wood and wood in general don’t have the same consistency across all of the planks of wood. There may be pores, chits and marks (occurred naturally, from cutting the wood, etc). By carefully selecting pieces of solid wood and gluing them together with the finger joint technique we ensure the same surface across the boards.

How easy is it to put the table together?

VERY! Your table’s legs are made from solid wood with a special technique that ensures strength and modularity. 4 Pieces of solid wood planks are glued together using a mitre joint technique (45° angle cuts, forming a corner of 90°) and strengthened with square pieces of wood from the inside.

Running across the inside of your table’s legs, there is a stainless steel rod that connects with the upper surface of your table that is used to assemble it. This is a unique technique we have (every other competitor’s table you will see uses screws to form a corner and then the leg’s snap with screws). Our technique is more modern, durable and robust. You don’t have to screw anything; just secure the rod and strengthen it with your table.

I see mentioned that some of the table might be made out of plywood. Why would plywood be used on such an expensive table?

High-end plywood is a very durable and solid material for the long surfaces. We only use “Aircraft Plywood” made from birch. Layers of plywood are bonded together in a hot press over hardwood cores of European Birch and are glued together with alternating right angles. This is what gives them both strength and durability and reduces the chances of the wood splitting when nailing at the edges while also ensuring a consistent strength across the entire length of the wood. For the wide surfaces, plywood is a better solution because it is more durable than solid wood and less prone to bending and warping. Refer to the question above on the veneer for more information regarding warping over time when not made properly.

Plywood is nothing to be worried about. All of your table, legs, structure, and leaves will be made from Solid Wood. The Bottom Surface (Game Cellar inset) of your table and the bottom of your Drawers will be made from Plywood (Wide surfaces) with a Wood Veneer applied on top.

High-strength plywood is not an inferior product when it comes to Wide Surfaces that require consistent strength. It is a better and more durable solution.

How stable is the surface of the table, and how prone is it to scratching, losing its finish, and otherwise getting damaged? If it does get damaged, how easy is it to repair?

We only use Conversion Varnish. It is a Clear Finish used in the high-end market and suitable for heavy usage. Conversion varnish is water and chemical resistant. We use high quality Conversion Varnishes graded for automotive use and stains. It is FAR more durable than any other type of varnish.

It is not easy to scratch your table accidentally; our stains and varnishes are really durable and resistant. With your table purchase, we include a stain marker with the stain of your table for any scratches or loss of finish that should happen from accidents. Even if it ever occurs you can paint with the stain marker and apply a varnish that you can buy locally.

What hardwood is the table made from?

We normally only use White European Oak. It is one of the most durable and strong woods in the world that is highly resistant to dents and scratches. In Europe, we have a technique that involves taking a square from the center of a log and slicing it straight through which produces a tighter grain. This results in a wider plank, with a gorgeous plain sawn look near the center with a quartered grain pattern, all in the same piece of wood.

How long should the table last for?

It should last for generations. The table is so durable, you can even sit on top of it.

I have an idea for a custom rail attachment, can you make it?

We would be happy to work with you to create a unique solution to fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you want, and we’ll work together to make it happen!

How does environmental conditions effect the table?

As long as the table is kept in an environment you would be comfortable living in, it will last virtually forever. Wood is susceptible to humidity and sunlight, but these are only harmful in extreme conditions. The table should not be left outdoors or stored in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Why do we use an aluminum rail instead of a simple wood railing?

The Railing System is the most used and abused element of a gaming table. Gamers and friends tend to slide the accessories and mishandle them. Our initial prototypes used a wooden railing system, but there were various problems with misuse. So we thought about a good looking and much more durable alternative. Ask anyone with a gaming table with a railing system made from wood and you will get a response that small marks or even wood splitting occurs after heavy usage. We solved this with our innovative aluminum system special made in Italy. It is far more durable. For example, if you accidentally drop a wooden bin or cup holder with small wooden lock pieces extending they can potentially break, but the aluminum will live on forever. We just love the minimal style of our aluminum railing system.

Can the felt/velvet layer be replaced if it gets damaged?

Yes, it can be easily replaced. If you are good with your hands you can do it yourself. If you aren’t you can simply visit a local tapestry studio and have it replaced. We suggest all of our clients choose to use Simonis Speed Cloth. It is the best gaming surface in the world, and it lasts 4 times longer that velvet or other inferior solutions. If you prefer you can always contact us and we will send a replacement or maybe a new color so you can change your felt depending on the usage and the game.

Do the leaves fit water-tight?

The leaves do not fit water tight, nor should they. They fit as they supposed to fit, really tight. Remember that solid wood has a tendency to curve with time. Since your leaves will be made from solid wood we must leave some space for them to breathe. This allows them to survive periods of extreme condition such as high humidity or extreme temperature swings. The breathing room keeps your leaves from being stuck inside the inner ledge and damaged. Please note that we are talking about mm here, so the breathing space is not visible by the naked eye.

What would happen to the table surface if a hot plate/bowl, or a wet cup is placed on it for an extended period of time?

Nothing will happen if a wet cup is placed on your table for an extended period of time due to the highly durable Conversion Varnish we use. For the hot bowl, it really depends on how hot it is. Normal use and abuse is perfectly fine, hot cups of coffee, soups, etc… are more than welcome. Boiling hot pans however might present a problem, but that’s what pot-holders are for.

How thick are the leaves, and are they built using solid hardwood or some other material?

The leaves are built from Solid Wood like all of your table, they are built from solid wood with the veneer applied on top. Keep in mind, even the veneer itself is made from thin sheets of solid wood.

All of your table’s solid wood will be manufactured from 20mm planks of Oak Solid Wood. This would make the leaves of the table about 21mm (3/4 in) thick. 20mm Solid wood plus the wood veneer.

How heavy is a finished table?

The weight depends on the size and number of extras (Drawers, Soundsystem, etc… add to the total weight). It is heavy: a normal 140 cm x 110 cm (55 in x 43 in) table without drawers and extras will weigh about 115 kg (250 lb)

What are the dimensions of the cupholder rail attachments?

The cupholders come in two dimensions, a normal size suitable for universal soda cans and small glasses and a jumbo size suitable for beers, bigger glasses, etc…

What are the dimensions of the other rail attachments?

We will work with you to ensure they are sized appropriately for your needs based on the dimension of your table and the number of expected players.

This is optional. We can offer a small angle inside the front inner area of your drawers so you can grab pieces, cards, etc… more easily. However, this slightly reduces the area of your drawers.

Are the finishes (handles) for the drawers customizable?

We can provide you a selection of handles you choose from during the customization step of the process.

How are the leaves removed from the top?

There is a hidden pop-up button underneath your table. Simply push it and pull out the leaf.

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