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  1. 100% RECOMMEND !!
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I’ve been enjoying my table for quite some time, however, with some of the games I play that require character sheets as well as miniatures, I thought it would be great to have side railing inserts so players had an area for their sheets, while still having the area for minis and maps. I reached out and asked if they’d be willing and able to make me some custom inserts for this.

The whole process was great- they were able to get me an exact match for color (even though my table is years old) and the fit was perfect (less the a mm of play which sits perfectly without and rubbing).

The price was also very reasonable as I’d been concerned about the cost for shipping (I’m in Canada), but when I looked locally for people that could do a similar job, the cost would have been more expensive than Rathskellers including the shipping and with Rathskellers I wasn’t concerned about matching the stain or the wood (would have had to have it imported specifically for the job). This set up works great for games like Pathfinder, D & D, Descent, Gloomhaven, BattleTech / MechWarrior and any similar games.

The whole process was great- the customer service, including the communication, the cost, the timing was great considering the world situation and distance and most importantly the product! 100% recommend.

Thanks again Rathskellers!

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