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My wife and I had been eyeing the Rathkellers’ tables at the booths at the games fair in Essen for years. Last year – after a larger tax return – we decided to go for it. While we had thought about our wishes and options in advance it was great of the team to really take their time to go over everything and make sure we were ordering what we wanted.

Shortly before the table went into production we were contacted by the company to finalize everything. The team was very fast in responding and after a few e-mails back and forth we had everything set up. Then began the waiting… that was kind of hard but as they say good things take their time. So we just fast-forward to the end of June when we got the call that the table and the chairs were ready to be shipped. Now waiting was even harder as we had grown more and more excited.

The arrival didn’t disappoint. Even though I knew the dimensions of the table by heart I still was surprised to see this massive box come out of the delivery van. After opening the box (don’t ask about how many screws I had to remove before that happened) I knew two things: a) this was extremely well packaged and b) I would need help with getting the table into our living room. The Councilor is one massive beast – even without legs, the leaves and the floor inserts. Luckily a good friend volunteered and after a few moments of deliberation, swearing and heavy lifting we had the table inside.

The assembly was pretty smooth but we were taking our time not to make a mistake shortly before the finish. We could see and feel the excellent craftsmanship and the quality of the wood that went into making the table. And when we got the table to its designated place we were really happy.

We have been using the Councilor as a dinner table practically every day now as well as for gaming and puzzling (as you can see in the pictures). To this day we haven’t regretted our decision to buy the table. Sure, it cost a lot of money but we feel it was very well spent.

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