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Really, couldn’t be happier with my choice – most of the gaming happens at my place now because it’s just so awesome to play. I did spend quite a lot of thought when selecting specifications and the widest table works very well for my favorite games – dungeon crawls like Imperial Assault or Descent (the new App is great – check it out!).

Even the new (huge!) Star Wars Rebellion Board fits like a charm. The dark blue inlay is also very stylish – total recommendation. You only have to be prepared that new games will definitely shed paper motes that diminish the pristine look – I must admit that I have bought a tiny table size vacuum cleaner since I have this table.

One thing to keep in mind is definitely height – the vault space will make this a fairly high table so consider well when making your choice. Also recommend the width-wise cover leaves as I find I leave the table partly open most of the time (it just looks awesome!) and it’s much easier to store the shorter boards.

Craftsmanship is great and I can’t imagine ever getting rid of the table.

Love, love, LOOOVE my table!

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