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  1. The quality of every part of this table is more than a 10 out of 10.
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First the e-mail contact with the guys from Rathskellers was super easy and friendly and they gently helped me through the calculating process. After that I got a very nice looking little wooden map with the clothing and stain color samples to choose from together with some delicious sweets and snacks from Greece.

Then I had to wait like a child for Christmas eve… and it was sooo worth it. Since we got our table every gaming night feels even more special than before. The table looks amazing and the feeling of the clothed floor in the table is incredible. Even unboxing new games is more fun with this table. It is very nice to play games like Twilight Imperium or Scythe who need a lot of space on this table while having your drinks in the handy cup or wine glass holders next to you.

The quality of the table is excellent and since everyone who saw this table at our place immediately fall in love with it I can only recommend it to everyone who loves board games as much as I do. Everything: The customer service, the help for “what to choose”, the cute sample map which will stay a precious part of my “board game & extras collection”, the shipping process and the quality of every part of this table is more than a 10 out of 10.

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