At the end of August we came back from our trip to the US, attending Gen Con for the first time with a booth of our own!

Founded in 1968 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by Gary Gygax (Co-Creator of Dungeons & Dragons), Gen Con is the longest-running and best-attended convention for tabletop gaming in North America

A fulfilling and exciting experience that let us meet a plethora of unique people and receive a ton of love from all of you! Your excitement and support are what helps us innovate and keep us moving forward :smile:

During our busy trip, we only managed to have a gaming session once, in the super-friendly game cafe, Kingmakers (Indianapolis). Our first game was the long-anticipated Super Motherload, continuing with 3 Editions of Timeline.
Spoiler alert: Thanos obliterated us, not a surprise coming from a Thanos huh :razz:


Roxley Games is known for their top-notch productions and stellar artwork. Add the nostalgic theme of Super Motherload, and you have a game I’m dying to try! Reminding me of games like Dig Dug (NES) and Mr. Driller.

Super Motherload is a tile-laying, deck-building game where you have your personal, skillful crew. Double-sided game boards are used to represent the Earth’s depth, as you keep digging. Using your characters to dig or bomb different areas will let you gain various minerals and bonuses. These minerals are used to purchase new cards, upgrading your crew.

The game ends after going through a certain amount of boards, digging through specific artifacts. To win the game, as in most games, you must have the most points. Character cards and Achievement cards are your source of victory points in the game.

Super Motherload is vibrant, plays fast and leaves you with a taste of nostalgia. Once again, Thanos prevailed, having his first win for the night. I think that even he didn’t expect this win!

Publisher : Roxley | BGG Link


Timeline is a series of historic-based educational games. We had the chance to try both Inventions and Diversity (Multi-themes).

It’s a card game, with each card depicting a historical event, invention or discovery on both sides. However, the year that they occurred, or discovered, is shown only on one side. You start the game with a hand of cards, and one card with its date revealed, in the middle of the table. Throughout the game, you will create a row, a Timeline, according to the date on each card.

On your turn, you have to choose one of your cards and place it in the correct position in the Timeline, among other cards. The twist, of course, is that you get to reveal your card’s date only after you guess its place on the Timeline! In case you are incorrect, you discard the card, drawing a new one. The first player to place all his cards on the Timeline is the winner of the game.

Thanos is, apparently, a knowledgeable person, so we had almost no chance against him! I convinced them to play the Dinosaur-themed Cardline next, as I was more confident in that field…


CardLine is essentially the same game as TimeLine, with a different thematic focus and some extra aspects. We had the chance to try the Dinosaurs version of the game. Apart from the theme, the main difference is that you are creating the line comparing either the lengths or the weights of the dinosaurs. You’ll have to decide upon that before the game starts. Additionally, each card depicts the dinosaur’s name and its geographic place apart from its average length and weight!

CardLine offers gorgeous art and much bigger cards than TimeLine, making it easier to shuffle them and play the game in general. Choose your edition according to the theme that works or intrigues you the most!

Thanos managed an unexpected win, once again, even though he was behind and he probably has less knowledge on that field than the rest of the group!

Publisher : Bombyx | BGG Link

Attending Gen Con was a special event and trip for us. We got to meet many fans of our work and a lot of our customers! Catching up with old friends and making new ones is my favorite part of each international Convention/Fair. We are more than happy to be part of this amazing Industry, with such a friendly community for our hobby :smile:

We would love to meet you in any upcoming Convention (Essen Spiel/PAXU) – Next Stop -> SPIEL Messe Essen!
Come by our booth to have a chat or to just say “hi”!

Lastly, make sure to check out our previous RGL Gaming Night, VOL 7!


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