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Hi! We are Rathskellers

A family-run business that believes gaming is best enjoyed with good friends and a great table.

Established in 2013


We design & manufacture heirloom pieces of gaming furniture.

Everything is handcrafted with love
You won’t see much in the way of computerized or automated processes inside our workshop.
Family Business
We are a small and dedicated shop of 27 people
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Paschalis (Co-Founder) working with wood

From Idea to reality, here are some of the stuff we've introduced to the industry.

Aluminum Railing System
Our first innovative solution to damaged wood rails.
Dividable Gaming Zones
Unique colored lighting "zones".
USB Charging & Wireless Charging
You table can have enough juice for all players.
Spring Loaded Leaves
Wood has the tendency to shrink & expand. That is why all of our tables feature our innovative spring loaded mechanism allowing you to tweak as desired.
Heavy Duty Storage Drawers
Now you can store all of your table leaves inside the drawers.
Soft Closing Drawers
Our drawers are built using high-end mechanisms from Germany. Buttery Smooth, with that satisfying *wow* factor.
Simonis Speed Cloth
Yes, we bring high-end cloths available only in Billiard Tournaments into your table.
Seamless Lighting & Zones
Controllable lighting with zones (for each player) via app. Each LED is addressable, changing colors with animation effects.
Bluetooth Sound System
With NFC pairing & Bluetooth multipoint (2 Bluetooth sources simultaneously).
Water Resistant Cellar & Cloths
With rubberized leaves and water-resistant velveteen, the accidental spills of that aged wine are nothing to worry about.

You can trust us. We're Family!

You won’t see much in the way of computerized or automated processes inside our workshop. All of our tables are lovingly crafted by our bare hands. Even our coloring process is done by hand. We are a small and dedicated shop of twenty seven people: brothers, designers, woodworkers, engineers…gamers. We have been manufacturing furniture for more than 50 years, and we pour that accumulated talent, expertise, and excellence into all our products. You can trust us – we’re family.

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Thanos (Co-Founder) proud of Quality Accomplishments

We do not compromise

We have tried very hard to keep the cost of our tables affordable and accessible, but we do not compromise in quality. With a Rathskellers table you will still be able to play your favorite board games 30 to 40 years from now. Our unique real wood veneer over solid wood oak boards manufacturing process is used so that it can withstand the test of time. Our innovative aluminum rail system is guaranteed to withstand even the most frustrated dice rolls. If you never have enough wheat, don’t worry! Your table can take the hit.


Creating the ultimate gaming table

We started manufacturing tailor-made tables for board gamers in 2013 after spending 18 months prototyping each and every bit of our tables. We combined our love for board games and our experience manufacturing quality furniture to create the Ultimate Board Game Table. Like you, we are passionate about our gaming experiences. We own more than 500 board games and have a dedicated playroom for our board game nights.


Rathskellers was founded in 2013 by the two Milios brothers, Thanos and Paschalis, as an extension of a family-owned furniture business that is now in its third generation.

Spending our summer vacations playing Space Crusade & Heroquest while still aiming for that boom shakalaka in our dusty NBA JAM SNES cartridge.

Milios Thanos

Branding and Marketing


Coordinates the many business details of running Rathskellers. He loves design and marketing, but has also used his programming knowledge to publish a variety of apps and games. A lover of Euro games and RPG. His favorite game is Castles of Burgundy.

(Although his name is Thanos, he is not the Marvel Super Villain).

Milios Paschalis

Furniture Design


He is the master craftsman of Rathskellers. A wizard with his hands who takes the time to build every detail to perfection.

As a fan of abstract and war games, he would suggest a deeper Cellar and Simonis speed cloth – just the right combination for laying down Hanabi cards or pushing around trays of orcs.

Milios Stergios

Furniture Design


A second-generation expert infurniture manufacturing. As the father of Thanos and Paschalis, and also the owner of Emil, the family’s luxury kitchen and furniture design company, he guides the younger generation through the process offering improvements, and solutions to the many unique challenges of designing specialized gaming furniture. Manufacturing furniture for over 50 years, his expertise is unparalleled.

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Starting from 2022, we plan on planting one olive tree in Kalamata (Greece) with each order on behalf of our customers. Each tree will be named by their family name with a date of birth (order date). Maybe one day you will be able and visit our olive harvest and enjoy that pure & extra Greek virgin olive oil from your tree...

Handcrafted with ❤️ from Gamers Like you

We have been manufacturing furniture for more than 60 years, and we build that accumulated talent, expertise, and excellence into all our products.

You can trust us – we’re family.



Founded - 1958

In a small Greek Village of Pella, Greece. Cabinet making and handcrafted decorative products.

Gaming Tables - 2013

Started making tables. Attending our first Spiel (Essen Convention). A great success.


Introducing new things to the market. Successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign raising over 1.5mil €

The Future

With your trust & support we will keep innovating and enhancing your gaming lives for years to come.

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Rathskellers is a registered company operating under European Laws
Registered VAT: EL801779511
Agiou Stephanou 8, 564 29, Thessaloniki, Greece