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The Hive

Our Grand Hexagonal Game Room Table

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The Hive is our Grand Dedicated Hexagonal Game Room Table that can transform into a dining table, made from White European Oak that always comes with the Game Cellar and aluminum railing system. It’s purely for Gamers. Hexagonal shape ensures that each player can reach the middle of the table and provides privacy for those games that require extra stealth.

The Hive includes an inset for the Cellar floor that can be single-colored (white and felt) or double-colored (felt and velvet). The hardwood leaves covering the Game Cellar can be separated into two or three parts.

If you want additional storage, it may include one or two shelves drawers positioned below the game cellar with optional Lighting.

Electrical accessories – the LED lighting system, the Bluetooth sound system, the Wireless Charging Station and the USB charging stations – are available for The Hive.

Handmade with 🧡 in Greece

Game Cellar


The Game Cellar is the focus of every table, the tavern at the beginning of every adventure. Our Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves, your choice of floor, and a transparent acrylic layer for dry-erase drawing and for keeping your flat materials in place. Play with taller miniatures or terrain, or just need some extra space for that stack of camels? The Cellar depth of 6.5cm will match your gaming needs.

We believe the Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. Light your hexes and scenery in every hue from lava red to cyberpunk blue with our built-in LED lighting option. Then give your games the atmosphere they deserve with a Bluetooth sound system. Play music and effects through high-quality speakers positioned underneath the table and make sure that your fellow gamers keep their devices going while they play with our innovative Wireless Charging Stations.

So much more than a simple storage area and play surface

Classic VS High-tech

Wood only or a plethora of digital extras? From LED lighting to Bluetooth Music it's up to you to decide.We got you covered for anything your hear desires.

An Innnovative Aluminum Rail System for your accessories

WOOD Quality


Our tables are made using the Highest Quality White European OAK without any extra charges.

We have a Unique Process where we combine 0.3 mm veneer with solid oak boards so your Brand New Rathskellers Table will get its rustic character from the attractive veneers such as Oak Antique, Rustic Oak or Knotty Oak.

It is one of the most durable and strong woods in the world that is highly resistant to dents and scratches. Also limited to The Hive we offer a new variety of Stains to give your table a more contemporary look and feel and our special real wood veneers (Rustic, Knotty, Antique) to give your table a charismatic look and feel.

Aluminum Rail System


For your playing comfort The Hive shares that same INNOVATIVE ALUMINUM RAIL SYSTEM asThe Councilor allowing a wide variety of convenient modular accessories including card/counter holders, dice towers, cup holders, wine glass holders, and player work tables with easy access to optional USB charging ports and is guaranteed to withstand even the most frustrated dice rolls.

If you never have enough wheat, don’t worry! Your table can take the hit.

Aluminum Rail System Extras


The following Accessories & Options are available to customize your Rathskellers Table. Each Accessory attaches securely to our aluminum railing system.

Accessories attach securely to our aluminum railing system

With an innovative lock/unlock tilt system in place

Essential Add-ONS

The Hive offers a variety of Rail Accessories & Options and everything is fully customizable to each table. Accessory attaches securely to our aluminum railing system and locks / unlocks in place using our innovative tilt system.

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Storage Shelves

Our Storage Shelves sit in the middle of the table right below the game cellar allowing extra storage space for games or decorate elements.

You can store Small Card Game Boxes, Rail System Accessories, Crafting Tools, Game Pieces, Meeples, Dices, Magazines…

The Storage Shelves can be illuminated with LED Lighting to spice things up.

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Eat & Play Leaves With Trench Patrol

The Trench Patrol is ideal to reduce the Cellar Area and Create 2 spaces. It also prevents Dice, Chits & small Game Pieces from rolling beneath the Leaves.

Two Hardwood Widthwise Leaves are already included in the Base Price of The Hive. Optionally you can have three Widthwise Leaves with a small extra cost.

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Felt Cap

If you are looking for some holiday fun, you are an experienced Poker Player, or simply want to create a new raised playing area then the Felt Cap add-on will provide an excellent playing surface..

Using the same Cloth as with your Game Cellar, Cards are easy to pick up and will slide with ease across this cloth because of our innovative wooden curved edge running across the whole external area. Felt Cap sits on the same ledge as the hardwood leaves.

Rgl Seamless Lighting

Prepare to be amazed !
Themes, Live Painting, Player Zones, Presets, Programs, Voice Commands (Alexa, Google, Siri).

Animated Individual Zones for each player

IoT ready

Boss Fight? Turn Red

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Starting from 3950€

Initially, you will only have to worry about the deposit amount required for your table. The deposit is important because it secures your place in the queue.

The Base Price of The Hive Includes:

We do not charge anything extra, instead we are using the highest quality White European Oak to all of our tables.
The railings around your table provide sturdy but flexible attachment points for a wide variety of available innovative accessories. Your table will be ready.
Every gaming table we sell is bespoke, so we will work with you to make sure your table is the right size for your space. Heights may vary anywhere from 75 to 85 cm.
A transparent acrylic sheet with suction cup for easy removal. Perfect for keeping your dungeon maps and Kingdom Builder boards in place.
The Game Cellar can be so much more than a simple storage area and play surface. The Cellar features an easy-to-use covering of sturdy hardwood leaves and your choice of floor.

Don't just take it from us. Let our customers do the talking


The product and customer service are both of the highest calibre. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for your gaming table needs.


It's the best purchase i've done in years and i can see that it will last a lifetime!


If you search for an upper-class gaming table, it will be hard to find a better one.


The table is gorgeous. It's smooth. It shines. It's grand. It feels good to just sit there. I highly recommend a table from Rathskellers.

Handcrafted with 🧡 in Greece !

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