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Rathskellers Gaming Table Shop

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Our Heirloom & Custom Gaming Tables for Board Games, RPG, D&D, Pathfinder, Wargames and more, that will last for Generations to come!

Looking for the Perfect Fair priced Dice?

Our Essential RPG Dice Sets

Duo & Triple Color Blends, handpicked by our team. Each set includes 7 essential RPG dice and comes in a Rathskellers Ship Cotton pouch.

Rerfectly weighted dice Sets.
Duo & Triple Color Blends
Our Essential Acrylic base paint ensures durability and clear views with every throw.

Our Metal Dice RPG Sets

Our unique Single & Duo Metal Blends with 3D CNC milling will make any party of heroes hungry for their next adventure.

3D CNC Milling with amazing Detail
Single & Duo Metal Blends
They come in Gold, Silver, Bronze or with Blood Splashes for that extra WOW factor

Looking for the Perfect way to hold your Cards?

Our Essential Card & Counter Curved Holders for Board Games & RPG

Play the way you want with our Essential Card & Counter Holders! Perfect for freeing your hands, no matter how many cards your awesome combo made you draw!
The set contains 4 holders, for you and your friends.

High Quality
The Rathskellers quality will bring a new feel to your gaming sessions
Rathskellers Oak Dice Stool

Looking for the Perfect sitting choice for any true gamer?

Sold in sets of 2 or 4, adding a unique aesthetic to your room.

High Quality
Made from Oak, the Rathskellers quality will level up your gaming room
Who said style can't come with comfort? Thoroughly tested, the Dice Stool provides both a unique aesthetic and a comfortable place to sit!

Looking for Geek Memorabilia ?

Carefully picking the best Memorabilia and geek stuff available worldwide with the Rathskellers Quality Control and brand you Trust.

Visit Sunnygeeks and pick your gifts ๐Ÿ˜Š

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