Furniture Clean & Care Microfiber Clothes (4 pieces)

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Say goodbye to dust, grease, spills, and smudges on your gaming table with our 4 piece premium cleaning cloth kit.

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Usage Guidelines: Each cloth maintains its initial clean and polish effectiveness for approximately 25 washing cycles before gradually diminishing. If you plan to clean your table on a weekly basis, we recommend purchasing two packs for a year of weekly cleaning to ensure optimal results.

Say goodbye to dust, grease, spills, and smudges on your gaming table.

Discover our premium cleaning cloths for a spotless gaming table. The General Clean cloth is lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent, perfect for any surface. The Metal & Stainless Steel cloth removes oils and restores shine effortlessly especially for your tables’ legs. The Glass & Acrylic cloth polishes without streaks or lint, great for your plexiglass sheet or even windows and screens. And our Wood cloth effortlessly eliminates dust and smudges on your gaming table. Elevate your cleaning routine with our versatile cloths.

  • General Clean:

Waffle weave microfiber cloth is lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent. Perfect for cleaning, polishing & drying any surface. It can be washed and reused multiple times without losing its effectiveness.

  • Metal & Stainless Steel:

The ribbed texture effectively removes oils and impurities from metal, stainless steel and chrome surfaces, restoring their natural shine. Also Ideal for cookware and appliances.

  • Glass & Acrylic: 

A fish scale grid design cloth that polishes glass & acrylic surfaces without streaks, fingerprints or lint. Can be used dry or damp. Also great for windows, mirrors and LCD screens.

  • Wood:

With superfine bamboo fibers infused, ensuring a super soft and highly absorbent texture. It effortlessly eliminates dust, grease, spills, and smudges on any wooden surface.


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